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hello !! i’m kit tenpetals and morgan shizuovevo and i have decided to make a network for all otherkin whose kintypes relate to water - whether it be water/the ocean in general, aquatic animals, mermaids, or anything else aquatic!

☂ rules

  • you are not obligated to follow anyone (including the admins), but please at least check out everyone’s blogs!
  • you must reblog this post; likes don’t count
  • you must fill out the application
  • obviously you have to be aquatickin/water/kin/oceankin/etc
  • don’t join if you’re anti-otherkin in any way (this includes if you only support certain kintypes), or otherwise bigoted/disrespectful towards anyone’s race/identity/culture/etc
  • be nice and respectful to everyone in the group
  • the admins reserve the right to kick you out of the group if you continuously display mean/rude behavior
  • currently, there are no limits on the number of members!
  • if you’re accepted put the badge somewhere on ur blog

☂ benefits

  • meet cool new otherkin with similar kintypes!
  • hopefully gain some cool new followers, too!
  • participate in a skype group chat with some cool folks, if you want to!

even if you’re not going to join, we would appreciate if you reblogged this to signal boost!! thank you : D

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